From the Bud to the Box

Creating a New Tree

Root Stock

The first piece of creating a new tree is the root stock. This is essentially a small apple tree about 18 inches tall that has been bred for certain characteristics – height, soil tolerances, etc. Most of our new trees are created using a *** stock, which grows to a height of *** and ***.


The next element needed is a bud from the variety of tree you would like to create. We cut scions – small, new growth limbs – from a mature tree. Behind each leaf on that small limb is a small bud that will grow into a new limb. We remove the leaf, then carefully slice off the bud.


We then make a small incision in the root stock, approximately 6 inches from the  ground. After inserting the bud in this incision, we wrap it with a special tape that will help the root stock grow around the bud and make it part of the new tree.

Crafting the Tree

After a few weeks, we cut the tape from the tree and a new limb begins to grow from the bud. Once that limb is 8 inches long or so, we cut the top off of the root stock. The new limb will now become the top of the tree, and we have a new tree that will produce the variety we want.

Planting a New Orchard

After the trees have had a couple of years to grow, they are ready to be transplanted into a new orchard.

Images of different tree kinds/orchards


We grow over *** varieties. Most of our trees are created right on our farm, in our nursery. This means we…


Nesbitts have been growing fruit in Western New York since ****. We take great pride in carrying out the tradition of producing exceptional fruit while taking great care of our land.

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